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Directions from Al Khail Road to Al Khail Gate

  1. When driving from Business Bay towards Jebel Ali on Al Khail Road, take the right at the 1st Roundabout (now becoming an interchange) just after the 1st ENOC petrol pump (you will see the Jumeirah University sign on your right as your taking the turn).
  2. After taking right, go down to the first signal and take a "U" turn (at this signal you should see the Al Khail Mall on the opposite side).
  3. After taking the "U" turn, take your first right. You should be able to see the Al Khail Gate complex in front of you with many buildings.
  4. see below for directions to our building

Directions from Sheikh Zayed Road (SZR) to Al Khail Gate

  1. When driving on SZR from Karama towards Jebel Ali, take the exit at interchange no 3 (Al Manara Road) and cross over to the Al Quoz side of SZR.
  2. When coming down that road, you will come to a "T" junction signal (you should see the Home Center Logistics opposite you).
  3. At the signal take left and go straight ahead to the next signal where you will take a right (at this turn you should see the Khaleej Times Building on your right).
  4. After taking a right, go straight down to the next signal (at this signal you should see the Al Khail Mall on your left).
  5. Go straight from that signal and then take your first right to enter the Al Khail Gate complex (you will see all the buildings ahead of you).

Directions to our building/apt: -

  1. When you enter the main gate of Al Khail Gate, go straight and head down towards the end of the road, where you will need to take the first right (just after the main open ground)
  2. After taking the first right, we are in the 3rd building on your left i.e. Building 1-25. You can park anywhere around the building and then enter the second entrance of the building to access Apt. 114 on the 1st floor

Visit Google Maps for more details.